July 27 - 29, 2009     McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  Student Design Contest

The CDEN-09 Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the Second Annual Student Design Contest. Full-time graduate and undergraduate students are invited to present a design that they have performed while at the university. Suitable designs caninclude class projects, research projects or spare-time projects. Students will present their posters during the student poster session. A schedule of poster presentations will be made available prior to the conference.

Winning entry will be awarded $500 prize. Top three entries will receive certificates of recognition.

All submissions must include:
  • A list of the participants in the design,
  • The affiliations of the participants,
  • The reason for the design (class work, thesis work, etc.),
  • The need being addressed and an idea of its importance and prevalence,
  • Sufficient documentation and illustrative material to permit assessment of the design and the manner in which it was conducted,
  • A brief description of the design process used,
  • An assessment by the student and design team of the strengths and weaknesses of the design process.
  • A poster not to exceed 1m wide by 1.5m tall.
In addition, you must complete for each submission and send to the Conference Chair a Right To Publish form, granting permission to publish the submission in the Conference Proceedings.The address of the Conference Chair is:

Alex Manu
Vladimir Mahalec
Conference Chair, CDEN-09
GMC Centre for Engineering Design
1280 Main Street West, McMaster University
Hamilton, ON  ITB 107
Fax: 905-528-7901

The Right To Publish may be found here.

All entries to the Second Annual CDEN Student Design Competition must be received received by June 27, 2009.

Please fill out the submissions form when submitting to the Design Contest.
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